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Thursday, April 02, 2009


First, I felt like I was reading my own bio as you talked about music in high school. I'll never forget hearing Soundgarden for the first time, and I wore my cassette of Ten out.

Second, looks like I gotta buy this new version.

Third, I would daresay that there is NEVER a time when trimming down/simplifying your message for the sake of clarity doesn't work and isn't needed. Designers talk a lot about white space, and we communicators need that white space, too, so our point (not points) really sticks out.


I would definitely recommend picking up the new version, it is well worth it. They also put out a special edition with a few LP's and a bunch of other stuff, but it was around $140...so I decided on the cheaper route...besides, like you I've worn things out..this is my third Ten CD I've had to buy!


Thanks for this honest review. I was on the fence when I saw the rerelease in the iTunes store last week. I figured it was just what you said, a way to get more money from completists. I still have my original CD from '91, though I ripped a digital copy years ago. It looks like I will have to pick this one up now.

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