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Monday, April 06, 2009


Twitter, #1.Facebook, #20. Really, I use Twitter about 40 times as much as Facebook. Why? I see only the updates I want to. I use the fakebook usually only to play Mafia Wars, send out large messages to various people, or upload my HD videos. No lie there, Facebook has the best HD video upload policy out there (20 min max, less than 1024 mb). YouTube and Vimeo just don't cut it if I'm posting more than one video at a time. Twitter, on the other hand, is my absolute social networking tool. I've connected with more people in various different ways on Twitter than I have in the 6-7 years I've been using Facebook and Myspace, combined.

Much like Justin, I've got the same sentiments between Facebook and Twitter.

To put it most easily in my own terms, take a Saturday/Sunday for me online. I'll typically refresh my Twitter stream more times than I can count, whereas I'll rarely log into Facebook even once over a weekend.

The bottom line is that I've grown accustomed to WANTING (some would say NEEDING) to keep up with the relationships I've formed on Twitter no matter what time of day or day of the week it may be. On the other hand, if Facebook disappeared tomorrow, I'd barely even notice it.

Much like you said, Travis, I pretty much only check Facebook when my phone tells me I have an alert or invite of some sort. For the most part, Twitter covers the bases I need covered professionally and personally, while anyone I keep in touch with on Facebook I can usually see in real life anyway.

Like you said...clean simplicity keeps me much happier. Therefore, Twitter comes out on top for me.

Justin - I do agree that when it comes to videos or having to send out a mass message (which I don't like to do anyway), facebook is nice.

Mike - Yeah, I never check my myspace account anymore and I think that is what will eventually happen with my facebook as well!

Thanks for the comments!

Though it's natural to compare the two, I think it's a little unfair.

Facebook is great at finding old friends, sharing pics, and really offers the more "social" side of social media. It's a destination site (I think the average time on the site is something ridiculous, like more than an hour or something, but I could be wrong).

Twitter, when used best, is a feed of information. Sure, we marketers and professionals like Twitter more, cuz Facebook still hasn't hit the mark on the professional front. But that's not what it's for.

The sad thing is that Facebook is trying to be more like Twitter.

That's a good point Brett, I think the reason why I was making the comparison is that Facebook is trying to be more like Twitter and its just not working. It wouldn't surprise me if people spent well over an hour on facebook! Thanks for the input.

Twitter has its select uses - and is actually a valuable tool for corporate and media brands.

However its greatest asset is its greatest curse - the simplicity. Note its biggest user demo is NOT teenagers. It's not even 20 somethings. Its 30 somethings. A fickle group of people who haven't really "made" any business or medium online yet. Facebook, love it or hate it, already has the status update and most importantly already has an existing network of friends you don't have to re-assemble on twitter.

Taylor - interesting thoughts. I'm not sure about the tool for corporate and media brands. I agree that there are those people out there, who I try to avoid.

I'm not sure I would agree with you though on the users being "a fickle group of people who haven't really 'made' any business or medium online yet." So you're saying that teenagers and 20 somethings have? I would say that the reason 30 somethings are on twitter more than teenagers or 20 somethings is the fact that we have lives and don't have hours to spend on facebook. Like I put in my post, if I was in college or high school, yeah, I would spend a lot more time on facebook, but I don't have that time now. I don't hate facebook, but I'm just saying I like it better because I don't have the time to spend on facebook and it helps me keep informed on things and be able to banter back and forth with people easier than I can with facebook.

Thanks for the comments though, it will be interesting to see what happens.

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