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Monday, May 24, 2010


The key differentiation between "classic rock" and other branded versions of rock music is that it predated the first-wave punk movement in the late 1970s. While other forms of music coexisted alongside "classic rock" (psychedelia, funk, prog to name a few), they all fall within the same governing spectrum of classic rock music and are hence referred to as such. Typically, rock music which followed the aforementioned punk movement is referred to as "new wave" or "post-punk", neither term of which is very descriptive. But then again, by this logic, neither is "classic rock". Your initial comment that U2 shouldn't be considered "classic rock" is completely correct: while they performed rock music, they were unquestionably influenced by the English punk movement (the Jam in particular) and do not ascribe to the same era in musical history as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, etc.

So yes, I concur. But why would you ever watch Glee to fill out your musical education?

Excellent point Sam - I don't think people know a lot about the history of music and how much punk music influenced it.

And I don't watch glee - especially to fill out my musical education :)

The classic rock stations re-create the sound of album oriented rock stations of the 60s-70's.New versions has been made from 1980 up to present.There are variations like hard rock but still the concept of rock was there.

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